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At SHED we focus on a coaching style that is warm, supportive and encouraging. Combining highly personalised programming with in-depth technical knowledge, offering a modern approach to Pilates that is highly engaging and effective.



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Shana is a 26-year-old medical doctor with a passion for wellness and movement. During her recent travels through Australia, she discovered the transformative power of Pilates, which inspired her to bring this practice back to Malta.


Valuing both physical and mental well-being, Shana found that Pilates resonated with her deeply. Its focus on alignment, core strength, and flexibility complements any exercise routine, making it accessible and beneficial for everyone. Whether someone is an athlete, a beginner, or simply looking to feel more balanced and strong, Pilates offers a holistic approach to fitness that enhances overall health and performance.


Shana is excited to share her love for Pilates and guide others on their journey to a healthier, happier self at The Shed. Alongside coaching, she is also making strides in aesthetic medicine, helping clients feel their best inside and out. At The Shed, Shana embodies the commitment to holistic, effective health and fitness that Shed Fitness Malta is renowned for, making her an invaluable part of the team.

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Class Categories

A Class For Every Body

Our classes,
your vibe.

When your mind and body are craving something a little more relaxed and nourishing, these are the classes for you.

These classes are perfect when you’re wanting to lengthen, align and sculpt. These classes are all about achieving the right technique to see the changes in your body.

For when you want to feel the burn in all the right places. Target your arms, abs, and booty to get you that signature Pilates Class Body

Pilates HIIT

The Pilates HIIT classes will have you buzzing from an endorphin hit. Good for your general health, heart, blood flow and weight loss- HIIT is proven to reduce stress and anxiety and even help you sleep better! Get ready to sweat from a pilates and HIIT combo that will have you coming back for more.

Pilates Strength

The Pilates Strength classes are our signature flow, targeting the full body. Designed to strengthen your core, lengthen and balance your body, tone and sculpt your assets- these classes will get your heart up, have you breaking a sweat and feeling the burn.

Pilates Slow Flow

The Pilates Slow Flow classes are your everyday go-to pilates flow. Perfect for all beginners, this class is designed to lengthen, align and sculpt. We take time in these classes to focus on technique and breathing. You’ll leave feeling connected within your body and relaxed within your mind.

Free Session Trial

Multiple classes that will transform your body, mind, and confidence.



1 SESSION - €30

8 SESSIONS - €220

Includes 1:1 Initial Consultation

*Conditions Apply


1 SESSION - €15

10 SESSIONS - €140

Access to all Classes

*Conditions Apply

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