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Finding Your Balance

Ever feel like you’re often trying to find a balance between work or studies, getting to the gym, staying on top your nutrition, but also going to social events and simply enjoying life? You’re not alone!

The term balance will differ depending on the individual, where they are in their life, and what is currently taking priority. However, just like training, nutrition, work, and relationships, finding your balance is a journey.

If we imagine trying to balance on an unsteady surface, you’ll find yourself constantly shifting in order not to fall. And if we view this shifting in a similar approach to how you manage your expectations to reach your goals, you may find yourself often adjusting your routine and priorities. Finding the right balance for yourself can take some trial and error, some days it can feel a little overwhelming and other times, it can feel seamless.

“There is no right way, it's just your way.”

And if there’s one thing we learned about finding the perfect balance, it’s that it doesn’t really exist. Even your own idea of balance will often change, and that’s okay. 

Here at The Shed, we strive to help you build long-term sustainable habits to find your balance and create a lifestyle that you enjoy. No matter your goal, no matter your busy schedule, no matter your fitness level, there truly is something for everyone.

Keep reading below to discover some of our favourite hacks…

#1 Feeling sore and tired?

Simple, find what works for you best! Swap your workout for a Rest Day or opt for some light activity instead, such as LISS cardio or Mobility 🤸‍♂️

#2 Stuck on what to make for lunch or dinner with limited ingredients?

Check our latest blog post Macro-friendly Lunch Box Ideas’ 👌

#3 Short on time to get to the gym and complete a full workout?

Discover more short and effective workouts through our online programs! Very easy to access and flexible 💪

#4 Feeling uninspired and want to try something new?

Get back in tune and try our newly launched Pilates schedule or schedule a 1-2-1 session with Coach Shana 🧘‍♀️

#5 Fell off the wagon and looking to start fresh?

Friends who train together stay together! Join one of our group sessions with one of your best friends and make use of our referral program 📲 

In conclusion, change is inevitable, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s how we choose to approach the circumstances changing around us. Your journey is all about finding YOUR balance, whenever and whatever that means for you. This is how we continue to evolve.

If you're ready to evolve your training, mindset, and lifestyle, we're ready to help you achieve your goals. Remember Shed is more than just a gym.

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